Thursday, October 06, 2005


I decided to create this blogg which I plan to update regularly. I'm 42 years old and I only discovered golf about 2 weeks ago. My plan is to use this blogg as my daily diary on my progress in learning the game of golf and how I will become a champion golfer.

Now most of you would have stopped right there and thought "What the..." and have fallen off your chair laughing but believe me I think I can do it, in fact I have no doubt that I will win big tournaments one day and win over 1 million dollars in prize money. Well I should really out line my goals properly... ( forgive me as I still don't understand how the whole PGA Tour and Masters work yet)

Long Term Goals

1. Enter the PGA Tour and win at least one event.

2. Win at least one million dollars in tournament prize money3. Win one Major Tournament

Those are my main goals although no 2 is not really that important but I have it there so I have a goal to achieve which may motivate me more at times and besides I need to pay for all the expenses involved. I would be more than happy to enter the PGA Tour even if I was completely broke after as that would be a huge achievement but one I know I will do.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude here in case your thinking I'm very sure of myself! I'm going to use creative and positive visualization techniques that I learned as a teenager from a book I picked up when I visited a hippy commune, I even asked Jesus for help and I do believe in God so I hope I can also get some help there too. I will exercise daily, give up smoking and work on a training program that involves dedicating all the time I can to working on my game. I hope to be training for about 8 hours a day and maybe a lot more in the first few years. I'm going to take things slowly at this point as I need to get my fitness level up and learn to swing and control my body movements. I think over training at this stage would not be a good idea until my muscles and fitness develop as well as my understanding of the swing and game in general. Luckily I have a greatmetalobism and I worked out for a few years in my mid twenties that gave my otherwise thin body some muscle that has been there ever since and I can get quite fit and cut within weeks when I work out again. I've also purchased a mountain bile recently too.

So whats all this about and how did I get into golf? Well there is no short answer as I have thought about this often in the last few days. The strange thing is that I became addicted to the game even though I have yet to play on a course properly and my addiction to golf happened overnight about 10 days/2 weeks ago.

I have always enjoyed picking up a stick (as a kid) or club (on the rare occasions in the past) and hitting a golf ball. When I was a kid I remember turning my backyard into a mini course that I played rounds with my neighbors, we used clubs made from wooden broom stick handles etc. But this was only at a certain time when I was a child, maybe when I was about 12 years old over a summer break. I played a few rounds on a golf course with my late friend back in the early 90's once but i wasn't interested then.

For the rest of my life golf has mainly been something I paid little interest in and thought it was boring to watch on TV like most people I know. Golf always looked like a nerds game to me, maybe it was the clothes but something was not attracting me to the sport?

It has only been in the last 3 or 4 years I would maybe watch a news clip of Tiger Woods completing a shot to win a tournament but that was where my interest ended.

So where did my inspiration come from, well as mentioned above it has been a number of things but last year I moved to my current address and I was having a few drinks with my neighbors and we started playing TGW 2004 on the PS2. I enjoyed it so much that I went out the next day and purchased the pc version of the game and played it several weeks before I put the cd on the shelf.

Well that was about 7 months ago now and around 2 weeks ago I was driving down a street on a bright Saturday afternoon and I noticed a garage sale. I had been looking around for an old acoustic guitar I could sit outside and play in the sun and I didn't want to wreck a good guitar like my nice Ibanez with the sun. Well the friendly Asian guy didn't have any guitar but he did have some cheap old clubs, I picked up a putter, an iron, a steel club shaped like a wood and a few balls.

These have been great as I don't want to buy expensive clubs yet as I know I need to learn a bit first.

Well there is so much more but I must get some sleep and I will be back tomorrow to continue...



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Blogger Josh Jakoa Gilbert said...

i totally agree that it is never too late to learn golf
where are your updates?
how is it coming?
i made a commitment to turn pro 17 years ago and i am nearing my finish line.
i have taught dozens and dozens of players, but it is now time for me to take on the big guns.
it can be a discouraging fight (this game is NO DOUBT the most humbling game there is)
but do not give up.
I will be soon starting a daily golf lesson blog.
check it out sometime.

10:22 PM  

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